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ISKD – overview

The Intermedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor (ISKD) is, as it says, an intermedullary method for producing long bone lengthening without having an external fixator exterior to the limb.

Lengthening of a tibia or femur may be indicated as a method of treating  leg length discrepency after trauma, infection or other causes of growth arrest.  Previously managed by an external fixator which could be manually wound longer every day, these cases ran the risk of developing pin track infection from the percutaneous pins used to secure the device to the bone.

In this first article  for Cutting Edge Stuff Katie Ludwig describes the role of this innovative method of leg lengthening as seen at Stracathro Hospital Regional  Treatment Centre which avoids this complication.  I thought this interesting review of the ISKD highlighted a cutting edge approach to debate.

If you have any  thoughts about the role of ISKD or have seen one in  use  elsewhere then please send a comment to DundeeBones.

Anyone who would like to send an article on another innovations in orthopaedics or on an interesting case can do so by emailing a Word doc to j.a.dent@dundee.ac.uk

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ISKD – overview


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Cutting edge stuff!

I would  like to  start a new category  on DundeeBones which will highlight new advances in  orthopaedic surgery.  I thought this would bring some new advances of interest to our attention.  If anyone has read about or maybe presented somewhere something which they think is a  new  advance or was otherwise interesting then let me know and you can post it in Cutting Edge Stuff.  Two  papers, one on hand transplant and the other on a new leg  lengthening technique will be arriving shortly.  Stay in touch with DundeeBones!

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