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where ‘av we been?

Those of you who signed up to Ortho Soc this last year might be wondering, why, after a year full of exciting and novel events (!) you havn’t heard from us.

There is good reason for this…we’re busy (i.e. 4th year happened). We’re searching for new blood from the earlier years, people who have discovered their love of orthopaedics and might have the time to contribute to organising events for the club. We’d also like to hear from you guys about the things you’d like us to set up.  Last year we managed to pull off some great free courses. Let us know if you want those again, or if you’ve got some ideas of your own. We’re also thinking of setting up a fracture fixation workshop, anyone think they’d like to attend this?  

Here’s a taster of what we did last year:

  • Plastering work shop: beginner and advanced
  • Shoulder arthroplasty workshop (see pic)
  • Careers advice evenings
  • X-ray/radiology lecture
  • Paediatric orthopaedics lecture
  • Basic science lectures

    Having a go with those tools!

So… let us know what you’d like please – whether it is something new or one of the above again AND let us know if you want to help out on the committee.

Look forward to your replies.



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Ortho Soc

Ortho soc welcomes you to the ‘ortho soc’ blog page. For those of you who might wonder what we are here for, here are our aims and objectives:

  • To provide access to further Orthopaedic education beyond the scope of the current medical school curriculum.
  • To provide advice and support for students interested in perusing a career in Orthopaedics.
  •  To provide orthopaedic and surgically orientated practical courses: – As an aide to education
  •  To improve students understanding of the multifaceted skills range basic to Orthopaedics as a whole. • To provide a support service to medical students who wish to organise Student Selected Components, 4th year projects or clinical experience within Orthopaedics.

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