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This  month’s Journal of Hand Surgery (vol 35E) has  a good paper on surgery for the treacherous spiral cord contracture in Dupuytren’s disease.  Good intra-operative photos and nice diagrams. http://jhs.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/35/2/103


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Recommended reading

Section 8.10 Shoulder Disorders

Short paragraphs on all the shoulder porblems we looked  today with a good photo of a subacromial injection and a dislocated shoulder.

There are self-assessment questions at the end of the chapter.

More recommended reading

Don’t forget to check out Joints p75 and Muscles p77

(not complusory or examinable!Ed)

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Recommended Reading

Don’t forget to look at the relevant chapters for each week of the musculoskeletal course in the recommended textbook, Master Medicine: Surgery by Mike Lavelle-Jones and John Dent, 3ed(2008).
This book is easy to read, nicely presented and has lots of photos and self-assessment questions.

There are copies in the library.

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More “Recommended” reading!

If you haven’t already read it you might like to get hold of this alternative medical text, “Blood Bones and Body Bits”. It’s in the Horrible Science series by Nick Harold. Excellent sections on such core clinical problems as “Bones and Groans” and “Sensational Senses”.
Happy reading! ed

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