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Take a break!

Well done on making it to the end of week 2 of  the MSS!

This is the time to re-cap on your learning so far in relation to the shoulder and hand.  Take a look again at the bone of the week and  case of the  week especially for shoulder and hand stuff.

Week 3 will be focusing on back and neck pain, especially nerve root compression and mechanical   back pain but with something about  other back problems as well – enjoy!



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Case of the Week – extras

Blackboard has three additional resouces to  look at illustrating the case of the week.  These folders may be slow to open and will need you to click off the pop-up blocker from time to  time.

In the “Case of the Week: shoulder Pain”,  folder in the resouces menu there’s:

  1. Shoulder examination video from Swansea med school with a detailed examination done by a physiotherapist.
  2. “Mr Murray, patient with shoulder pain”, is an interacitve virtual patient diagnosis and management problem.  This unfortunate patient, now aged 75y, has been dogged by shoulder problems since he was 35y.  Only you can ultimately save him from further pain!
  3. Patient with shoulder pain.  Another presentation along the same lines which I made recently with  colleagues in  medical education for an interactive, synchronous broadcast to Indonesia, Malaysia and Rumania put on  by MedEd World.  This time it’s about Stephan! Sorry it’s not interactive any more – – I only got the ppt version to keep.  Enjoy!

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Rotator cuff anatomy

The site of supraspinatus above the spine of the scapula on its way to  insert into the greater tuberosity of the humerus.

What action can this muscle perform on the shoulder joint?

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