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The end of week 3!

Time to review week 3,  we’re more than half way through the MSS course now but  still 2 interesting weeks to go!

Let’s re-cap on week 3 activities.  Most of the week’s  learning can be focused on Wednesday’s patient presentation, Mrs SD with the back pain history.  This presentation and the physical  examination has been backed up in your clinical skills session and by the back pain  lecture (see ppt  of lecture on Discussion Board in ).  The Teaching Materials section in Blackboard has links to all Year 2 musculoskeletal learning resources including case presentation problems and examination videos for each week (next week’s examination video will be on the hip). 

In the Intetraged Teaching  Area section in Blackboard there is poster board material with further examples of clinical problems and management.

Finally, this week’s  Imaging All-sorts  lecture has been a good opportunity to  learn about all sorts of imaging.  Basic and clinical  sciences have been represented by the physiology, microbiology and pathology classes.

So!  Now’s the chance to “Test yersel”!  Have a go at the self assessment questions under the page tag at the top of DundeeBones.


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Following some discussion on DundeePRN about recording lectures, we recorded the DundeeBones lecture yesterday on Nerve Entrapment as a small pilot.  The recording is available in the Week 2 folder in Blackboard, you can listen to it in Blackboard or download it to your PC/Mac and listen to it offline or download it to your mp3 player.  We had a bit of a technical hitch so the recording isn’t quite as good a quality as we had hoped, but this is a test 😉

Please can you give us feedback on whether it’s useful to have the recording of the lecture available to download.

Would you listen to lectures again if they were available?

Would you like to be able to download lectures to your mp3 players for future reference?

Let us know what you think.

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