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Take a break!

Well done on making it to the end of week 2 of  the MSS!

This is the time to re-cap on your learning so far in relation to the shoulder and hand.  Take a look again at the bone of the week and  case of the  week especially for shoulder and hand stuff.

Week 3 will be focusing on back and neck pain, especially nerve root compression and mechanical   back pain but with something about  other back problems as well – enjoy!



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More bones for Thursday

Carpal bones

You should be able to recognise the scaphoid and the lunate bones now.  Do you remember the names of the other carpal bones?

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Thursday’s bones

Carpal tunnel

This is an axial view of the carpal tunnel looking from the  forearm towards the hand.  The scaphoid bone is on the left of the picture and the lunate is next to it.

The  elastic band represents the flexor retinaculum or transeverse carpal  ligament bridging the tunnel.

Ten structures run through the carpal tunnel.  Do you remember what they are?

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